How to Write a Letter of Reference. Business (dostęp otwarty)

The letter of reference

Mr. Jan Kowalski has worked directly under my supervision in the ETX Ltd. in the New Technologies Department on the position of the ‘new project specialist’ for seven months. Taking into consideration the result of our cooperation I can honestly recommend  him as an MBA student.

During the time of our cooperation I had the pleasure to witness his personality maturation as well as work engagement.

Mr. Jan Kowalski is a hard working, self-reliant, responsible employee who turned out to perform  his duties fast, effectively and precisely. He has always kept the schedule of works and never exceeded the date of project completion.

Mr. Jan Kowalski is an intelligent, full-of-ideas, communicative person who has brought a lot of youth creativity into our projects. He has performed excellently as the team leader and as a team member. In both cases the projects were completed with success due to the ambition and will to pursue the goals.

Mr. Jan Kowalski has possessed high communicative skills both in speaking and in writing. Since the very beginning of work he was always interested in the subject and he was keen on broadening his knowledge. In relation to his superiors at work, he was always full of respect.

Three months ago, when we heard that Mr. Jan Kowalski was going to leave our company to study and work in the United States of America, we realised that we lost ver precious employee. We wish him all the best and hope that he will be able to put his plans into practice.

To sum up, I would like to state that Mr. Jan Kowalski is a perfect candidate to study MBA programme. He has a great potential to make an excellent manager in future as his readiness to broaden knowledge is higher than average. Should you request any more information, I will be pleased to assist.


Andrzej Zamaszczyński

New Project Department Manager

Key phrases:

  • directly under my supervision- bezpośrednio pod moim nadzorem
  • self-reliant- samodzielny często jako bardziej formalny dla independent
  • perform duties- bardziej formalnie niż ‘do duties’: wykonywać obowiązki
  • complete _________ with success- zakończyć _________ z sukcesem/ wykonać
  • effectively- skutecznie, ostatnio często mylone słowo z efficiently– wydajnie
  • interested in oraz keen onkoniecznie przyimki !!! zainteresowany/ kładący nacisk na _________
  • supervisor- przełożony
  • broaden/ widen- poszerzać