How Vegan Trends Transform Traditional Brands. Business/ Medicine (dostęp abonamentowy)

  • it turns out to be very profitable – okazuje się to być bardzo dochodowe
  • aforementioned- wcześniej wspomniani/ wymienieni

Meat companies and bakeries  introducing vegan sausages, vegan beer, vegan furniture and Marten’s vegan boots… And it turns out to be very profitable for all the aforementioned.

  • leap-leapt-leapt – skoczyć/ zwiększyć się (często stosowane w kontekstach przenośnych)
  • keep up with demand – nadążyć/ sprostać / zaspokoić popyt
  • shares doubled in value – udziały podwoiły swoją wartość
  • distribute dividend – wypłacić dywidendę
  • look into … – przyglądać się/ analizować

What is certain is that it was good for Greggs: its profits leapt more than 50%, to £40.6m, in the first six months of 2019. Queues were forming at Greggs and it was hard to keep up with demand for the  snack. It helped to  transform the 80-year-old Newcastle-upon-Tyne-based brand into a 21st-century trendy brand. Its shares have doubled in value over the past year. The vegan sausage roll is now one of Greggs’ five bestsellers, but sales of all of its ranges have increased to the point that  35-million-pound dividend was distributed among  shareholders in July. The company is looking into vegan versions of its other bestsellers.

One way of looking at this is that veganism is great for business. Another is that vegan sausage rolls are a great marketing tool for pork sausage rolls.

  • a lot of that is down to … – wiele wynika z …
  • jackfruit – owoc chlebowca 😉
  • prominently displayed – wyraźnie przedstawiany/ przedstawiany na pierwszym planie

In May, the “fast-casual” chain Leon reported that its sales for 2018 were up 24.5% to £95m. A lot of that is down to offerings such as jack wings, in which jackfruit replaces fried chicken, and the beetroot-based love burger. In January 2018, 46% of Leon’s sales were vegetarian, while 34% were vegan. By January 2019, those totals were up to 64% and 55%. The Love burger is the chain’s third-most popular item, prominently displayed on menus and posters.

  • phenomenon – zjawisko
  • stroll in and out of fashion – stawać się modnym i wychodzić z mody
  • eco-conscious – eko świadomi
  • core mission – podstawowa misja
  • empower – wzmacniać/ umożliwiać/ podkreślać
  • rebellious- zbuntowany/ buntowniczy
  • self-expression – wyrażanie siebie

The phenomenon is not confined to food. Dr Martens boots have strolled in and out of fashion many times in the past few decades, but the brand has become a real hit hit with eco-conscious teenagers. The fact that you can buy vegan  boots made from polyurethane plastic is in line with  company’s core mission: “empowering rebellious self-expression”.

  • account for 30% of sale – stanowić 30% sprzedaży

In some supermarkets in selected  locations, vegan products account for 30% of sale even though only 1% od British are really vegan…