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The Best 5 Branches to Invest in :). Business / Law / Technology (dostęp abonamentowy)

Here are the best five industries to invest in 🙂

Financial technology (fintech)

  • disrupt – zakłócać
  • spectacular growth – spektakularny wzrost
  • go mainstream – zająć główną pozycję na rynku/ znaleźć się w centrum uwagi
  • bundle with other services – łączyć z innymi usługami
  • apartment rental – wynajem mieszkań
  • sharp increase – gwałtowny wzrost
  • broker – agent/ pośrednik


Financial technology looks very attractive, as start-ups continue to disrupt the financial sector.  And this spectacular growth looks set to continue. A report published by Envision Intelligence found that the fintech sector will enjoy an incredible CAGR of 74.16 percent from 2019 to 2025.

One specific fintech area that is expected to take off  is “insuretech”—that’s technology that is helping to optimise the various aspects of the insurance industry. Speaking recently to Forbes, Victoria Treyger, managing director at Felicis Ventures, believes that insuretech will soon go mainstream. “We will see changes in how ‘insurance’ is sold where it becomes bundled with other  services, especially apartment rentals and home sales.… Businesses will see a sharp increase in all types of commercial insurance that they can buy directly online rather than through brokers.”


  • shift into online world – przenieść się do świata online
  • violate privacy – pogwałcić prywatność
  • data breaches – przestępstwa przeciwko danym 
  • burden – obciążyć
  • pay substantial amounts – płacić znaczące kwoty
  • settlement – ugoda
  • lawsuit – sprawa sądowa 
  • revenue – przychód
  • malware- złośliwe oprogramowanie
  • phishing data – wykradanie/ wyłudzanie danych
  • take customer data protection very seriously – podchodzić bardzo poważnie do zagadnienia ochrony danych klienta
  • mandatory- obowiązkowy
  • virtually every industry – praktycznie każda branża
  • take off massively- gwałtownie się rozwijać


As our lives shift further into the online world, the potential for criminals to violate our privacy becomes ever greater. And the responsibility for such data breaches will burden  company whose site has been hacked, whether that be an e-commerce retailer, a health insurer or a social-media company. Not only will such companies have to pay substantial amounts in settlements of customer lawsuits for such criminal activity, they also stand to lose future revenue from the loss of confidence experienced by affected customers.

The threat itself is being executed in increasingly diverse forms, moreover. Viruses, spam, malware, identity fraud, hacking, phishing data and cyberstalking are just some of the ways in which companies are now being attacked. Given that companies are having to take customer-data protection very seriously, therefore, cybersecurity is now being considered as mandatory in virtually every industry.

As a result, most analyses views cybersecurity taking off massively over the next few years.


  • momentous day – przełomowy dzień
  • for recreational purposes – dla celów własnych (w kontekście narkotyków)
  • strong investment potential – mocny potencjał inwestycyjny


October 17, 2018, was a momentous day in Canada when, following June’s Senate vote to legalise recreational use of cannabis, the country’s adult citizens were officially able to buy the controversial plant for recreational purposes. Investors can now expect to see strong gains in this new industry.

And with more states in the US potentially legalizing recreational cannabis use during the coming years, both North American countries represent strong investment potential over the next few years.


  • vastly expanding industry – błyskawicznie/ intensywnie rozwijając a się branża
  • design, manufacturing and application – projektowanie, produkcja i zastosowanie
  • completely transform global economy – zupełnie zmienić światową gospodarkę
  • drive growth – napędzać … / być motorem wzrostu
  • boost demand for  … – zwiększyć / zintensyfikować popyt na …
  • account for … – stanowić/ odpowiadać za …


This vastly expanding industry is concerned with the technology focused on the design, manufacturing and application of robots—that is, devices that can perform tasks without the need for human assistance.

And many now believe that the age of robots will soon be upon us. Indeed, the robot revolution is expected by some to completely transform the global economy over the next couple of decades.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the need for automation across a vast number of industries will drive this growth, with the report particularly highlighting the rise of smart factory systems as already being crucial in boosting demand for robots.

The automotive industry is expected to account for the biggest market share for robotics.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • we are undoubtedly witnessing a sharp rise – niewątpliwie jesteśmy świadkami błyskawicznego wzrostu
  • introduce successful AI applications –  wprowadzać z powodzeniem zastosowanie sztucznej inteligencji
  • autonomous cars – samochody autonomiczne
  • accelerate – przyspieszać
  • gross domestic product (GDP) –  produkt krajowy brutto
  • sensible long-term decision – rozsądna decyzja (inwestycyjna) długoterminowa


Although we’ve not quite yet reached the phase of the machines taking over the world, we are undoubtedly witnessing a sharp rise in the number of successful AI applications being introduced as well as the amounts being spent on research in this field.  Promising applications of the technology include autonomous cars, healthcare and financial services, not to mention its controversial use for military purposes.

The  adoption of the technology is now beginning to accelerate—although the industry is admittedly still in a very early stage of development. And PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that AI will represent up to $15.7 trillion of global gross domestic product by 2030. As such, investing in AI now represents a sensible long-term decision.

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